Math Circle Resources

Since the inception of Pathways, math circle mentors and PROMYS faculty have been writing and accumulating problems and problem sets that can be shared. Here are some examples and links to additional online resources.

PMC Problem Sets

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Problems of the Week


Additional Resources

Developing Mathematics Courses  – These materials were developed by PROMYS for Teachers in conjunction with Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) Teacher Leadership Program and may be a good source of inspiration for mentors and students.

FiveThirtyEight – The Riddler is a column similar to the brilliant "Mathematical Games" column that Martin Gardner wrote for Scientific American, posing weekly problem solving challenges.

Julia Robinson – The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival has teamed with the National Museum of Mathematics to provide mathematics curricula through math circles and clubs to reach more than 1,000 students in New York, the San Francisco Bay area, and Washington, DC.

Making Math – From 1999–2002, Making Mathematics matched students and teachers in grades 7–12 with professional mathematicians who mentored their work on open-ended mathematics research projects. The projects are online and each include: a project statement, prerequisites, warm-up problems, hints, resources, teaching notes, extension problems, and results.

Mathigon – Mathigon is part interactive textbook and part virtual personal tutor. It provides online courses and activities that are fun for students and teachers.

Play with Your Math – Here is an assortment of problems produced by PROMYS for Teachers alum, Joey Kelly, and colleagues.

John Urschel leading a workshop for Pathways students.

The Wednesday Morning Math Challenge – Here is a list of 16 problems posed by John Urschel, a former pro-football player with the Baltimore Ravens. Dr. Urschel earned his PhD in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2021.