International Students

International Students

“Since PROMYS is a diverse community, I got the chance to learn about different cultures and how people study and think about math in different countries.” Zhiyuan Zhou, Yongren Fellow 2018

Mehta Fellows at PROMYS 2019
Mehta Fellows at PROMYS 2019

Update for 2022: PROMYS anticipates running in person in 2022 and does not have plans for a hybrid program at this time. To participate, international students will need to be able to travel to the US and adhere to the Covid-19 vaccination and testing protocols required by the US and Boston University.

Over the past three decades, PROMYS has welcomed students and/or counselors from nearly 50 countries. While international students are welcome to apply for admission to PROMYS, space is extremely limited. Pre-university students who ordinarily reside in Europe may be eligible to apply to PROMYS Europe. PROMYS India will launch in 2023 for students in India. Students may not apply to more than one PROMYS program per summer.

Visa Information

PROMYS students are not enrolled in college courses at Boston University, so participants come on a visitor’s visa, not a student (F-1) visa.

English Language Competency

PROMYS lectures, discussions, and problem sets are in English. Applicants should possess English language skills strong enough to enable full participation. PROMYS does not require TOEFL scores; however, we will assess your English skills through your explanations on the application problem set, your answers to the short answer essay questions, and your teacher’s letter of recommendation.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial aid may not be available to international students and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are an international student who requires financial aid to attend PROMYS, we encourage you to apply and submit a financial aid form by the March 15 deadline.

  • Students from India who need financial aid should apply for a Mehta Fellowship. These fellowships cover the full cost of participation including travel.
  • Students from China who need financial aid should apply for a Yongren (永仁) Fellowship, which cover the full cost of participation including travel.
  • All applicants to PROMYS, both domestic and international, will be considered for a Breakout Fellowship, which is a full scholarship. Please visit Financial Aid & Scholarships for additional information.

Safety at PROMYS

PROMYS is a tight-knit and supportive community. PROMYS and Boston University (BU) have many procedures in place to safeguard participants:

    • 24-hour BU security personnel to ensure only residents enter dormitories
    • background checks for all adults working with students under 18
    • mandatory Protection of Minors training for all faculty and counselors
    • curfew for all students
    • separate residence areas (2 students per room) for those who identify as male and female
    • accompaniment from the airport/station to BU's campus