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Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS

Mehta Fellows at PROMYS 2022
Mehta Fellows at PROMYS 2022

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PROMYS is thrilled to announce that 12 first-year Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS have been awarded in 2022 from an exceptionally large and mathematically talented applicant pool.  Each applicant submitted solutions to the challenging application problem set plus essays, school transcript, a letter of recommendation, and financial aid information. Finalists were interviewed by a mathematician. Thanks to generous sponsors, Mehta Fellowships cover the full cost of participation in PROMYS including tuition, housing and meals for six weeks, visa fees, and roundtrip travel to the United States. Once PROMYS India is launched, students from India who would need financial aid should apply to PROMYS India rather than PROMYS at Boston University.

The new 2022 Mehta Fellows are Anamika Anand (India), Swayam Chaulagain (Nepal), Siddharth Choppara (India), Krittika Garg (India) Shreya Kaushik (India), S. K. (Sri Lanka), Diya Mathew (India), Ahmed Metwally (Egypt), Lex Harie Pisco (Philippines), Kabir Sandhu (India), Misbah Shaikh (India), and Moomuksha Shrimali (India).

In addition, there are 6 returning Mehta Fellows at PROMYS 2022: Smitali Bhandari (returning student), Achyut Bharadwaj (returning student), Haran Mouli (junior counselor), Rahul Adhikari (counselor), Arghya Sarkar (counselor), and Medha Yelimeli (counselor).

PROMYS 2022 will run July 3 – August 13, 2022, at Boston University in the United States. Mehta Fellowship awards are contingent on the accepted Fellows being able to travel to the U.S. and satisfy Boston University Covid-19 protocols and vaccination requirements.

Please contact Julia Rolnick at with any questions about the Mehta Fellowships or PROMYS India. The 2022 Mehta Fellowship flyer is here.

PROMYS India 2023

We are excited to be launching PROMYS India in May 2023 in partnership with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore). After delays due to the global pandemic, the new program will be open to applicants from across India and will rely upon the experience of returning students and counselors who have been Mehta Fellows at PROMYS at Boston University.

Sponsors of the Tara and Jasubhai Mehta Fellowships and of PROMYS India

The Mehta Fellowship program owes its existence and funding to the generosity and vision of Nick Nash & Phalgun Raju, Avi & Sandra Nash, the Indira Foundation, and who are also the founding sponsors for PROMYS India.

Mehta Fellowships in 2021

PROMYS was thrilled to have 26 Mehta Fellows in 2021: ten new first-year Mehta Fellows, 7 returning Mehta Fellows, and 9 Mehta counselors. In addition, Arya Vadnere (Mehta Fellow 2016–2020) was the PROMYS Research Advisor.

Selected Quotes from 2021 Mehta Fellows

“At PROMYS, students don’t just learn mathematics, they learn how to think.” Haran Mouli

“For anyone who wants to know the beauty of maths, let me tell you, PROMYS is the best place…The highlight of the program was surely the people; the friendships that we made here are going to be with us for the rest of our lives!” Sara Ahire

“Usually, in our school days, we are taught what is written in books and the same comes in exams and we don’t think much about that, but I think PROMYS is like the beginning of a phase where you can think on your own and give your ideas, and learn how a mathematician thinks and gives his theories.” Abhishek Yadav

“Mathematically, rigor and thinking deeply of simple things are the most important things I learnt. Apart from that, I learnt that mathematics is a lot more collaborative than it seems to be.” Smitali Bhandari

“The best part about PROMYS is that it isn’t about how much you know, but about your will to learn more. The community PROMYS offers is so amazing – everyone is so supportive and understood me so well. It was great. Thanks Mehta Sponsors for making this possible.” Bhumika Mittal

“The habit of questioning everything and not taking anything for granted helped me not only in math but also in general problem solving.” Achyut Bharadwaj