PROMYS | Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists

For over three decades, PROMYS has been synonymous with deep exploratory mathematical learning for talented high school students and secondary teachers.

Our Guiding Principles

Exploration and Discovery
PROMYS participants are presented with fundamental mathematical problems which require perseverance and creativity to find solutions. We provide tools for mathematical exploration, not solutions. At PROMYS, learners are mathematicians.
Habits of Mind
We focus on mathematical habits of mind that support independence and creativity in facing unfamiliar mathematical challenges. The skills and habits developed at PROMYS have great value no matter one’s career path.
Mathematical Community
At PROMYS, we believe that mathematics is a deeply human activity best experienced within a richly interactive and mutually supportive community of learners, including high school students, undergraduates and graduate students, secondary teachers, and research mathematicians.
No Financial Barriers to Participation
Generous need-based financial aid is available to students at PROMYS up to the full cost of participation. Professional development for teachers and math circles in high-needs school districts are both offered free of charge.
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