PROMYS Foundation

PROMYS Foundation

"We wanted to do our small part to help PROMYS reach more students so they also have the opportunity to benefit from this amazing program." Dana Ansel, alum parent donor

In 2011, a group of PROMYS alumni started the PROMYS Foundation because they had wonderful experiences at PROMYS as students and counselors. The Foundation’s primary goal is to help young, talented students enjoy the same experience by raising funds for scholarships and to ensure that every student who could benefit from PROMYS has the opportunity to do so, regardless of financial need. As the PROMYS Foundation has grown, it has also made it a primary objective to develop mentorship, outreach, and international offshoot programs that are strongly rooted in the PROMYS philosophy.

With the support of the PROMYS Foundation, PROMYS at Boston University has regularly increased its need-based financial aid program. In addition, thanks to generous sponsors and donors, the Breakout Fellowships, Mehta Fellowships, and Yongren Fellowships have brought many students to PROMYS who would not otherwise have been able to participate.

The PROMYS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN: 45-2917981 ), and donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

PROMYS Foundation Officers

President: Wan-Yin Wu
Vice President: Marjory Baruch
Treasurer: Glenn Stevens
Secretary: Henry Cohn

Board of Trustees

Marjory Baruch
Cameron Freer (a)
Michael King (a)
Caleb Shor (a)
Amanda Tucker (a)
Wan-Yin Wu (a)
Henry Cohn (a)
Joshua Greene (a)
Li-Mei Lim (a)
Glenn Stevens
Ila Varma (a)


(a) = alum of PROMYS and/or PROMYS for Teachers

All Trustees volunteer their time and expertise. The nine alumni Trustees have participated in PROMYS for a combined 47 summers as either students or counselors.