PROMYS for Teachers

Quick Facts for Teachers

“No single program or class has influenced the way I teach more than PROMYS... I would be a different teacher today if I had not attended PROMYS.” Jamil Siddiqui, PfT 1999–2001

PROMYS for Teachers

PROMYS for Teachers (PfT) engages secondary school teachers in an intensive experience of mathematical problem solving with the goal of promoting a culture of exploration in mathematics classrooms. The immersive nature of the program provides a supportive environment where teachers can spend time as learners. PfT consists of a six-week summer component at Boston University and five academic-year workshops.

Key Dates

PROMYS for Teachers 2023: July 3 – August 11

Tuition, Stipend & Credits

PROMYS for Teachers is FREE to qualifying participants. U.S.-based teachers will receive a $1,500 stipend and earn 8 college credits which may be used toward a degree program.


PROMYS for Teachers is open to secondary teachers from the U.S. and abroad—we aim to admit all qualified applicants. As a non-residential program, teachers are responsible for their own housing during the six-week program. Pre-service and more experienced teachers are welcome to apply.

PROMYS is particularly interested in increasing diversity in mathematics and in science and technology opportunities more broadly. PROMYS strongly encourages teachers to apply who are female, Black, Latino/a or from other groups underrepresented in STEM, and those who work with such students.