Frequently Asked Questions

"I can remember many in depth discussions about exploring and really understanding mathematics learning that have never been duplicated in my past 20 years of teaching or professional development.” Cary Schwartz, PfT 1993

Q: What is the time commitment during PROMYS for Teachers?

A: During the six weeks of the program, teachers can expect to spend weekdays, Monday through Friday, doing mathematics. The day starts with Number Theory lecture at 9:00 a.m. and continues with collaborative problem solving until 5:00 p.m. Teachers have evenings and weekends free. Please note that July 4th is a regular day at PROMYS (not a holiday).

Q: What level of mathematics courses do I need to have taken?

A: Teachers do not need an advanced mathematical background, yet the PROMYS content presents enough challenge for even the most mathematically proficient participants. Anyone with solid arithmetic and algebra skills can benefit from the low threshold/high ceiling problem sets.

Q: Can international teachers participate?

A: Yes; however, they do not receive college credit nor a stipend. International teachers may come on regular tourist visa since they are not enrolled at Boston University. Although the program is free to participants, they are responsible for their own housing.

Q: Is housing available?

A: For most teachers, PROMYS is non-residential. However, out-of-town participants may apply for summer housing at Boston University. Some teachers find other arrangements such as sublets or Airbnb. Unfortunately, PfT cannot reimburse housing expenses.