Counselor Testimonials

“I have learnt so much number theory and algebra from my three summers at PROMYS, it has been invaluably helpful to me in my studies. Non-mathematically, I have made some amazing friends and discovered that my love of teaching is equal to my love of math... I found a great community at PROMYS and I now know that math is where my future lies."
"I highly recommend PROMYS for mathematically inclined high school students, and for undergraduate mathematics majors. Being a counselor is an extraordinary and unique opportunity to engage in an intensely motivating intellectual environment."
"I spent four years as a counselor at PROMYS, a number theory program for high school students, and highly endorse it either as a place to go learn or to go work... The PROMYS network of grad students and professional mathematicians has been very helpful to me as a source of advice as I have moved through my career."
"The lecturers and teachers at PROMYS are really, really enthusiastic about math, and instill that in their students. It's just a great feeling when everybody's thinking math, and you're all working on it... I credit PROMYS with opening my eyes to the possibility of becoming a professional mathematician, and for introducing me to the beauty of number theory."
"It was incredibly rewarding returning to PROMYS as a counsellor. Doing so not only taught me how to be a good mentor, but also allowed me to learn new mathematics through interactions with the other counsellors."
"You are working with some of the brightest minds in the nation... While I was at PROMYS I realized that math is really what I enjoy."
“I have never been surrounded by so many students of such high caliber.”
“Quite possibly the best two summers of my life.”
"The PROMYS program is a lot more than a summer camp that trains students in Number Theory. Being part of the PROMYS community is one of the most mathematically engaging, encouraging and supportive experiences one can have, be it as a student in school or a counselor in college. The rest of the PROMYS activities are designed to make your summer educational and engaging, but the community and the philosophy stays with you throughout your life. Being able to interact with your peers from around the globe, learning about their work and experiences is very influential. It is what keeps you coming back for more!"
"Many of the people I met are still close friends, and I learn a lot from them as they continue to do interesting things with their lives."