Student Testimonials

"PROMYS taught me how to think for myself and how to consider math in a completely different way than is taught in schools. It made me appreciate the process of solving a problem instead of just the solution itself, and I learned so much more from staring at problems for hours, trying different approaches, than from being told the answers. This was a summer full of mathematical discovery, and it was the most rewarding six weeks of my life."
“PROMYS provides an environment where all students can struggle and work together as a community, everyone trying to gain a deeper understanding of mathematics. This community is what keeps PROMYS what it is, and it is this community that all participants of the program – students, counselors, and instructors – care most about. It has been a privilege to work with, benefit from, and give to the program, and I can only hope to stay connected to the wonderful people involved.”
“PROMYS made me understand what it means to truly know something, and that there was so much seemingly basic math that I didn't know in this way. PROMYS also made me want to understand things with this type of clarity, and this is something that I'll carry with me, wherever I go. But PROMYS as a mathematical experience is amazingly multi-dimensional. In addition to the emphasis on developing oneself as a mathematician, there is an incredible community of counselors and campers who help you achieve this.”
“PROMYS is an invaluable experience. At PROMYS, I truly deepened my understanding of math and most importantly, I learned how to structure my thinking that I know will benefit me in whatever math or science-related field I choose to pursue. I learned to experiment with math to gain intuition, make bold conjectures, and communicate mathematical results precisely. But more than the math, PROMYS brings together an amazing group of students – hard-working, passionate about math, funny, and kind."
"PROMYS was one of the most significant experiences I have had in my career to date. It was the first time that I was surrounded by such an incredible group of motivated, intellectually curious peers. While I currently do physics research and not mathematics, it certainly gave me my first taste of trying to solve complicated, unsolved problems… something I continue doing in my research to this day. I haven't stopped trying to think deeply of simple things as I've moved through chemistry, physics etc."
“PROMYS challenged me in ways high school mathematics could not: for the first time in my life, I experienced what it was like struggling to understand ideas, having to search for answers on my own, and coming out with an intuitive understanding. I felt encouraged, supported, and loved by the community, and PROMYS provided a motivating environment to pursue work in, where I felt I could be productive. PROMYS changed me, and where my life is going, in an overwhelmingly positive way."
“For six weeks, students and counselors devote themselves wholeheartedly to the world of mathematics. Rather than being spoon-fed theorems and formulas, students are forced through the process of rediscovering – and proving – all their results. This process of going beyond simply solving the problem, of discovering the motivation and underlying structure, brings to light the beauty and elegance of math. This is math as it is meant to be experienced, in all its wonderful frustrations and flashes of insight. But above all, it’s the community that is the hallmark of PROMYS. Kind and hilarious, friendly and supportive, faculty, guests, counselors, and friends made it a pleasure to live and breathe the world of math for a summer.”
"While I didn't ultimately pursue a career in mathematics, the experience of the program was formative both in introducing me to higher math and in developing my analytic ability, a skill that translates well to many fields and careers. Specifically, attending the program put me ahead of the majority of my peers in college mathematically, and when I ultimately decided to pursue a research career in biological sciences, the quantitative skills I gained from the program facilitated the transition."
“PROMYS instills the value of collaboration in the pursuit of mathematics. Students are naturally encouraged to collaborate with others by discussing their thoughts, merging their ideas, and filling in the gaps in each other’s solutions. In fact, perhaps just as memorable as the math, if not more so, are the people. A community of both students and counselors who are always willing to talk about math, whether in the dining hall at meal time, at a game of frisbee, or late into the night, is a priceless environment I will treasure forever.”
“The rigorous nature of PROMYS enriched me with the pride of discovery, as I was able to unveil the secrets of number theory and other advanced topics through my work on the problem sets and by attending intriguing lectures. PROMYS is an intensive journey in mathematics that emphasizes rigor and promotes learning. For me, PROMYS was the highlight of my high school years, an invigorating experience that enlightened me with the glory and revelations of mathematics.”