What We Do

What We Do at PROMYS

"PROMYS made me feel like a true mathematician for the first time in my life" Deyuan Li, Student 2018-2019, Junior Counselor 2020

PROMYS Founders
PROMYS founders: Marjory Baruch, Glenn Stevens, David Fried, and Steve Rosenberg

For over three decades, PROMYS has been synonymous with deep exploratory mathematical learning for talented high school students and secondary teachers.

A number of summer programs cater to mathematically gifted high school students. Several key factors set PROMYS apart. From day one, we treat all participants as mathematicians. Over six immersive weeks, participants practice the art of discovery through their intensive efforts to prove fundamental mathematical ideas. PROMYS is exceptional also in our creation of a collaborative community of first-year and returning students, counselors, mentors, research mathematicians, and visiting scientists.

Beyond the flagship high school program, PROMYS for Teachers has been integral to building our broader mathematical community. Like the students, secondary educators are immersed in rigorous problem solving for six weeks in the summer. After their PROMYS experience, teachers are empowered to take these methods of deep exploration back to their classrooms, most of which are in public schools.

A newer initiative, PROMYS Pathways, extends our outreach into schools in high-needs districts, serving low-income and underrepresented students. This program invites high school students from all backgrounds to benefit from the PROMYS pedagogical philosophy. PROMYS for Teachers alumni often serve as mentors for weekly math circles, increasing access to rigorous and collaborative problem solving. A 4-week non-residential summer program takes place on Boston University's campus.

Long-standing global partnerships have enabled PROMYS to expand its international scope with two additional programs. PROMYS Europe has been running at the University of Oxford since 2015, serving students from across Europe. Building on a highly successful Mehta Fellowship pilot program, PROMYS India launched in 2023. Both PROMYS Europe and PROMYS India are closely modeled on our flagship program at Boston University.

PROMYS alumni excel in academia, science, technology, finance, business and beyond. Approximately 50% of our alumni go on to earn doctorates, half of which are PhDs in mathematics. Teachers report success in their classrooms, incorporating the exploratory method of PROMYS with students of all levels. Our programs foster rigorous and independent thinking in our participants who then often mentor others to learn to think for themselves. Alumni tell us that discipline is critical to success and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.


The footage for this video was filmed during PROMYS 2013 and at the 25th Summer of PROMYS Celebration July 5-7, 2013.

PROMYS Family of Programs

Video showcased at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) 2023 Annual Meeting.

PROMYS Pathways Video

Video filmed during PROMYS Pathways Summer Program 2022.

PROMYS for Teachers Video

Most of the footage for this video was filmed during the 2013 summer session of PROMYS for Teachers.