“PROMYS really helped shape me as a person. I loved being surrounded and challenged by smart people every day of the program! I've never exercised my brain so much! The program really fed my need to relentlessly pursue solutions to complicated problems (thus my interest in health care reform).” Julia Kraemer Lerche, Student 1992–1993. Counselor 1994, 1995, and 1997

Alumni at 2013 Reunion BanquetPROMYS alumni enjoy returning to the program as students, counselors, guest lecturers, research mentors, and/or visitors. Many alumni maintain longterm friendships with fellow alumni, and there are frequently alum reunions, both formal and informal.  Alumni are invited to guest lectures during the summer and to other events, such as the annual PROMYS/RSI Frisbee game. We are always delighted to see our alumni!

Annual Alum Gatherings

1. At least one reunion is held during each summer session at Boston University and Oxford University. These gatherings generally include math talks often given by alumni and tend to involve ice cream.
2. A gathering is held every January to coincide with the Joint Math Meetings (JMM). Many alumni come from across the country and beyond to the JMM to present their research, to learn about the research of others, and to socialize with fellow mathematicians.

Recent Milestone Alum Events

  • PROMYS 30th Anniversary Celebration, July 26 - 28, 2019 at Boston University. Schedule and speakers
  • 5th Summer of PROMYS Europe Celebration, August 3, 2019 at the University of Oxford.
  • 25th Summer Celebration, July 5 - 7, 2013 at Boston University. Schedule and speakers
  • PROMYS Foundation Kick-off,  July 30, 2011. Celebrating the founding by alumni of the 501(c)(3) PROMYS Foundation.
  • 20 Years of PROMYS Celebration, July 24 - 26, 2009 at Boston University.

30th Anniversary Celebration in 2019

5th Summer of PROMYS Europe Celebration in 2019

25th Summer Celebration in 2013

20 Years of PROMYS Celebration in 2009