For International Students

Information for International Students

Over the past 31 years, PROMYS has welcomed students and/or counselors from 48 countries. International students are welcome to apply for admission to PROMYS.  We have compiled a list of information that you may find useful.

Visa Information

  • PROMYS students are not enrolled in college courses at Boston University, so students come on a visitor’s visa, not a student visa (F-1).

Tara and Jasubhai Mehta Fellowships

  • Please see the Mehta Fellowships page for details of these full scholarships for students from India which have been offered since 2015 and are being offered again in 2019. Roundtrip airfare and visa application fees are also included. The fellowships are designed for students who need financial assistance to attend PROMYS.

Yongren (永仁) Fellowship

  • Please visit this page for details of this full scholarship for a low-income student in China. Roundtrip travel and visa application fees are also included.

Breakout Fellowship

  • All applicants to PROMYS, both domestic and international, will be under consideration for a Breakout Fellowship, for which there is no separate application. Breakout Fellowships are full scholarships to PROMYS and cover tuition, room and board.

Spirit of Ramanujan Global STEM Talent Search

  • International applicants who need financial assistance to attend PROMYS may want to apply to the Spirit of Ramanujan Global STEM Talent Search which offers monetary grants of up to $5,000 to offset the costs of approved enrichment programs such as PROMYS. Although offers will be made on a rolling basis until May 30, 2019, Spirit of Ramanujan will give full consideration to complete applications received before December 31, 2018. 

English Language Competency

  • PROMYS lectures, discussions, and problem sets are in English. Applicants should possess English language skills which are strong enough to enable full participation.
  • PROMYS does not request TOEFL scores.

Financial Aid

  • PROMYS regrets that financial aid is generally not available to international students unless they are U.S. citizens living abroad.
  • Please see the top of this page or HERE for description of full scholarships for which international students may be eligible: the Mehta Fellowships, the Yongren Fellowship and the Breakout Fellowship.

Schedule  Conflicts 

  • Some international students face an overlap in PROMYS dates and secondary school dates. PROMYS is happy to speak to the schools of accepted students to assist in the resolution of such scheduling conflicts. 

Being Met at the Airport

  • In the weeks leading up to PROMYS you will have the opportunity to request that a counselor meet you at the airport/station/terminal and accompany you to Boston University.

Health Care

  • Families are sometimes concerned lest their students visiting the U.S. should require health care here, which can be expensive. Boston University offers summer students temporary health insurance which covers major illnesses and accidents within the United States for the length of the student’s stay.


  • It is obviously of central importance that everyone in the PROMYS community both be safe and feel safe. Participants are given contact numbers and informed of safety procedures. PROMYS is a tight-knit community, and students and counselors look out for each other. 
  • There is a curfew, so all students must be in the dorms by 11 p.m. on school nights and midnight on weekends.
  • There are security personnel at the dorm to make sure that no one who isn't supposed to be in the dorm gets in, and that everyone in the dorms follows the rules (including no boys in the girls' area of the dorm and vice versa).
  • Boston University requires all adults working with or supervising minors (children under the age of 18) to undergo a criminal and sexual offender background check. So all PROMYS counselors and faculty have passed a background check.

What to Bring to PROMYS

  •  PROMYS will send all participants a list of recommended items to bring to the program. 


  • Pre-university students aged 16 and up who are ordinarily resident in Europe are eligible to apply to PROMYS Europe, a sister program of PROMYS at the University of Oxford. Students may apply either to PROMYS or PROMYS Europe. They may not apply to both for the same summer.