Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid

At PROMYS, we would like every accepted student to attend, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. We are happy to offer the program FREE for students whose families make under $60,000 per year. 

We give financial aid based on demonstrated need. Awards can cover up to the full program cost which includes tuition as well as six weeks of room and board (when the program is run in person). To be considered for financial aid, please submit a financial aid form along with your application.

Please be aware that financial aid awards vary depending on each family’s particular situation and are based on demonstrated financial need. Therefore, the figures below are only meant to give an estimate of the amount you would be asked to pay. 

For the online program in 2021, the chart below gives an approximation of the expected contribution from each family based on total income. [For the higher cost and appropriate support available when PROMYS runs in person, please see the note below the chart.] 

Family's Total Annual Income Minimum Cost in 2021 Maximum Cost in 2021
$0 - $60,000 $0 $0
$60,001 - $80,000 $0 $1,000
$80,001 - $100,000 $100 $2,000
$100,000+ $500 $2,500

Funding may also be available from such sources as Mu Alpha ThetaJack Kent Cooke Foundation, or the Spirit of Ramanujan Global STEM Talent Search.

Tech Support: Need-based support is available to cover the cost of the tablet required for participation in the online program and, if necessary for full participation, to boost Wi-Fi access. Please indicate on your financial aid form if you are interested in being considered for tech support.

Cost for in-person program: When PROMYS is able to run in person at Boston University, the cost of attendance is higher and includes room and board. When PROMYS 2020 was going to run in person, the cost of attendance would have been $5,150 with appropriate levels of need-based financial aid up to the full cost of participation including room and board with the possibility of additional support for travel. 

International Students

Mehta Fellowships: If you are a student at school in India who would need financial assistance to attend PROMYS, please see the Mehta Fellowships page for details on how to apply for one of the full scholarships to PROMYS for students in India. These cover the full cost of participation including support for the purchase of a tablet and Wi-Fi support if needed.

Yongren Fellowships: If you are a student living in China who would require financial assistance to attend PROMYS, please apply for a Yongren FellowshipThese are full scholarships which cover the full cost of participation including tech support.

Financial aid for international students who are not eligible for the Fellowships for students in India or China is considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are an international student who requires financial aid to attend PROMYS, we encourage you to apply and submit a financial aid form.  


Special Scholarship Opportunities

There is no separate application for these scholarships. Eligible students will automatically be considered.

AMS Scholarships

With support from the American Mathematical Society (AMS) Epsilon Fund, PROMYS is delighted to offer a Ky and Yu-Fen Fan Scholarship: a substantial or full scholarship for a talented high school student. 

In addition, PROMYS is grateful to have AMS support of its need-based financial aid awards.

Breakout Fellowship to PROMYS

All applicants to PROMYS, both domestic and international, will be under consideration for a Breakout Fellowship. Breakout Fellowships are full scholarships to PROMYS.

Generously funded by Jacob Lurie, Terence Tao, and Richard Taylor, recipients of the inaugural Breakthrough Prizes in Mathematics, the Breakout Fellowships to PROMYS were created to enable the participation of mathematically talented students who might not otherwise be able to attend. Thanks to matching donations from PROMYS alumni, there is a fully funded Breakout Fellowship endowment so a Breakout Fellowship can be offered every year.

Jane Street Fellowships to PROMYS

Full support for eligible students who might not otherwise be able to participate in PROMYS. Generously funded by Jane Street.