Clay Mathematics Institute / PROMYS 2009 Research Projects

Mentoring of Research Projects:

The PROMYS/CMI mentors in 2009 were the following research mathematicians: Keith Conrad (University of Connecticut), Paul Gunnells (UMass Amherst), Jon Hanke (University of Georgia), Steven Miller (Williams), and Dev Sinha (University of Oregon). Each submitted research problems for advanced students to work on. The materials presented by the mentors included problem statements, hints for getting started and references to the pertinent literature.

Topics for Research Projects in the summer of 2009 were:

Partition Dynamics
Proposed by Paul Gunnells
Students: Daway Chou-Ren, James Zhang, Jerry Chen
Counselor: Philip Engel

The Groups Z/m x Z/n
Proposed by Keith Conrad
Students: Andrew Ding, Ian Choi, Yenha Chang
Counselor: John Ullman

Finiteness Theorems for Quadratic and Hermitian Forms
Proposed by Jon Hanke
Students: Byoung Tae Bae, Daniel Lu, Patrick Tenorio
Counselor: Ila Varma

Irrationality and the Infinitude of Primes
Proposed by Steven Miller
Students: Matt Tanzer, Michael Jun, Sam Lite
Counselor: Djordjo Milovic

Continued Fractions
Proposed by Steven Miller
Students: Zach Rivkin, Keren Gu, Yani Lu, Dora Tao
Counselor: Simion Filip

Orbital Systems
Proposed by Dev Sinha
Students: Andrew Ardito, Tim Kunisky, Watson Ladd
Counselor: Lucas Culler