Clay Mathematics Institute / PROMYS 2003 Research Projects

Mentoring of Research Projects:

The PROMYS/CMI mentors in 2003 were the following research mathematicians: Henry Cohn (Microsoft Research), Keith Conrad (University of Connecticut), Edward Early (MIT), Avner Ash (Boston College), and Paul Gunnells (UMass Amherst). Mentors submitted research problems and worked with the advanced students. The materials presented by the mentors included problem statements, hints for getting started and references to the pertinent literature. 

Topics for Research Projects in the summer of 2003 were:

Continued Fractions
Proposed by Henry Cohn
Students: John Chu, Jon Pinyan, Brad Rodgers, Josh Zelinsky
Counselor: Vincent Pasol

Unit Groups
Proposed by Keith Conrad
Students: Daniel Minsky, Pavel Kamyshev, Ander Steele
Counselor: Genya Zaytman

Nice Polynomials
Proposed by Ed Early
Students: Shiyang Cao, Eric Frackleton, Nicole Pranke, Sam Xu
Counselor: Celia Busuioc

Dragon Sequence
Proposed by Avner Ash and Paul E. Gunnells
Students: Robyn Allen, Say Cheong, Anton Malyshev
Counselor: John Gonzalez

Lattice Sets
Proposed by Avner Ash and Paul E. Gunnells
Student: Ed Zhong
Counselor: John Gonzalez

Linear Extensions
Proposed by Ed Early
Students: Joseph Cooper, Bob Cordwell
Counselor: Alvaro Lozano-Robledo

Character Table for Sn
Proposed by Ed Early
Students: Connie Chao, Dustin Clausen, Fedor Labounko, Li-Mei Lim, Etienne Vouga
Counselor: Amanda Beeson