PROMYS 2020 Bridge Program

Online from July 5 - August 15, 2020.

Designed primarily for returning students and counselors already deeply familiar with the PROMYS style of doing mathematics, the 2020 Bridge Program channeled the energy and commitment of the PROMYS community to offer valuable mathematical opportunities through a remotely run program.

Advanced Seminars, Research Projects, and Other Activities

Students broadened their mathematical experience by participating in advanced seminars and problem-solving activities. Participants made extensive use of online forums and virtual whiteboards to collaborate and to interact intellectually and socially.

In partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute and with key support from the American Mathematical Society’s Epsilon Fund, the National Security Agency, the Nash family, and the Linde Family Foundation, we offered three advanced seminars this summer and also offered research projects.


Professor Dev Sinha of the University of Oregon, a former PROMYS Counselor (1992) and Head Counselor (1993-95), offered an innovative seminar on Topology based on an online seminar he ran at MIT. Dr. Marjory Baruch of Syracuse University ran an advanced online seminar on Graph Theory. Dr. Henry Cohn (Microsoft Research and MIT) and Dr. Cameron Freer (MIT) ran an advanced online seminar on Undecidability and Hilbert’s 10th Problem. Abstracts for these seminars are here.

Research mathematicians produced a rich set of research projects for returning students and counselors.

As always in PROMYS, counselors and students ran their own mini-courses and seminars on topics of common interest to members of the community. There were also fascinating guest lectures by “visiting” mathematicians.

We were deeply disappointed not to be able to gather on the Boston University campus in 2020 for the intensive in-person PROMYS experience. But we were excited about the mathematical challenges we tackled together this summer and the richly interactive online global community we all enjoyed.

Cost and Financial Aid: The fee for the 2020 Bridge Program was $1,700. Need-based financial aid was available up to the full cost of the program and when needed also included the cost of wifi access and a required tablet and stylus. The program was free for families who made under $60,000 a year.

After a successful 2020 Bridge Program, we now look forward to welcoming first-year students, returning students and counselors in PROMYS 2021!