Degree Program

A Master of Mathematics for Teaching (MMT) is now offered at Boston University. This degree fulfills Massachusetts requirements for the Professional Teacher's License and includes:

  • A six-week immersion experience in mathematics (PROMYS),
  • A research experience, and
  • An internship in professional development.

Teachers already holding a master's degree may earn a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Mathematics Education with a specialization in Mathematics for Teaching.

The Master of Mathematics for Teaching and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study programs prepare and certify teachers as mathematical leaders. In particular, the programs are distinctive and serve as a national model to:

  1. Prepare teachers as mathematical thinkers through:
    • A deep experience of immersion in mathematical investigation, and 
    • research experience in mathematics culminating in both written and oral presentations of results.
  2. Prepare teachers as mathematical leaders in their school districts by requiring that each degree candidate design and deliver a mathematics-rich professional development program for other teachers.
  3. Explicitly develop connections between advanced university mathematics and school mathematics.

To learn more about these programs, visit BU Mathematics for Teaching.