Career Development

There is a growing nationwide demand on teachers to improve subject-matter knowledge and pedagogical skills. Improving individual skills through university course work helps qualify for salary increases and certification requirements.

PROMYS for Teachers (PfT) offers a unique opportunity to in-service teachers who are admitted into the program to deepen mathematical content knowledge, develop pedagogical skills, and become part of a mathematical community of teachers, educators, graduate students, research mathematicians, and university professors.

With PROMYS teachers from over 130 Massachusetts schools, their impact on the classroom is being realized more and more. With the support of the school's administration in developing Teacher Leaders, the schools realize the value that these teachers are bringing to the classroom and to the school at large.

In addition to PfT as a path to career development, Boston University's Wheelock College of Education and Human Development offers a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Math Education. A teacher who completes PROMYS and decides to develop their career further may be eligible to apply for the MAT and transfer the 8 graduate credits earned in PfT to the MAT program. Please contact contact Wheelock College of Graduate Enrollment for additional information.