Articles about PROMYS for Teachers and its Philosophy

Mathematical Habits of Mind for Teaching: Using Language in Algebra Classrooms by Ryota Matsuura, Sarah Sword, Mary Beth Piecham, Glenn Stevens, and Al Cuoco
Published in The Mathematics Enthusiast Vol 10, no. 3 - 2013

"Building on two decades of prior work, the Focus on Mathematics (FoM) Math and Science Partnership program (MSP) has, over the last decade, developed and refined a distinctive framework for a        mathematics‐centered approach to developing teacher leaders, and it has  built a mathematical community based on that framework..."  Read more 

PROMYS for Teachers - Learning in the Spirit of Exploration by Glenn Stevens
Published in Mathematicians and Education Reform (MER) Forum, 13 No. 3 - 2001

"PROMYS for TEACHERS is a collaboration of Boston University's Department of Mathematics with the Education Development Center in Newton, Massachusetts. Together we are working to promote what we call a 'culture of exploration' in high school mathematics classrooms..."  Read more 

Mathematics for Teaching by Al Cuoco
Published in Notices of the AMS Vol 48, Number 2 - February 2001

"Reflecting a growing interest in mathematics education at all levels, many in the mathematics community have turned their attention to the mathematical preparation of prospective
precollege teachers..."  
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Promoting Work on Education in Mathematics Departments by William G. McCallum
Published in the Notices of the AMS, Vol 50, Number 9 - October 2003

"What Work? I do not intend to discuss teaching in this article, although it is important and is certainly a sort of work on education. Rather, the work I describe is more research-like than teaching-like. Researchlike work produces things or ideas and goes through the three phases of discovery, publication, and review..."  Read more

From Tic Tac Toe to the Geometry of the Universe 
Published on EDC site, May 1, 2002

"Last June, NASA sent up a probe to gather information on the shape of the universe. Last week, Jeff Weeks showed a group of Massachusetts secondary math teachers how tic-tac-toe and other familiar games can help students explore similar questions..."  Read more 

Summer of PROMYS by Jennifer Gormanous Burke
Published in Bostonia, Fall 1999

"Since 1989, the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) has attracted math whizzes from high schools around the country to Boston University for six weeks during their summer vacation. This year nine Massachusetts teachers, five of them with students in tow, traded in their grade books for notebooks to take part in PROMYS for Teachers, which continues throughout the school year with workshops and concludes next summer with another six-week session..."  Read more

Habits of Mind: An Organizing Principle for Mathematics Curricula by Al Cuoco, E. Paul Goldenberg, 
and June Mark.
Published in Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 15, 1996 

"Thinking about the future is risky business. Past experience tells us that today’s first graders will graduate high school most likely facing problems that do not yet exist. Given the uncertain needs of the next generation of high school graduates, how do we decide what mathematics to teach? Should it be graph theory or solid geometry? Analytic geometry or fractal geometry? Modeling with algebra or modeling with spreadsheets? These are the wrong questions,and designing the new curriculum around answers to them is a bad idea..."  Read more