Alum Community

PROMYS Alum Community

20 Years of PROMYS Celebration attendees in July 2009

During the summer session, PROMYS participants are part of a vibrant and supportive mathematical community consisting of both full-time PROMYS attendees and visiting mathematicians, scientists, and alumni. At the end of the summer, first-year participants become alumni and have life-long access to the extended PROMYS community of kindred spirits around the country and around the world. PROMYS alumni form a dedicated group: many students return to PROMYS as counselors, mentors, lecturers, or instructors; very many alums return to visit and to maintain important social and intellectual bonds. Within the past 4 years, 86% of all alums have been in contact with PROMYS. There are 1,729 PROMYS alums.  

PROMYS now holds regular alum reunions both during the summer session at which arranged activities encourage current participants to ask visiting alums about their educational and career backgrounds and during the Joint Math Meetings when experienced alums mentor high school aged alums attending the conference. About 80% of the alumni connect with PROMYS and with fellow alums by joining one or more of the PROMYS Facebook groups. Many of the alumni engage in mathematical outreach.

The alum body has shown its support of the PROMYS philosophy of learning and of the longstanding PROMYS policy that no student should be unable to attend for financial reasons. A group of alums established the PROMYS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to support PROMYS, particularly its financial aid program. The Foundation's alum Trustees are Amanda (Beeson) Tucker (President), Li-Mei Lim (Treasurer), Henry Cohn (Secretary), Cameron Freer, Joshua Greene, Michael King, Paul Sherman, Ila Varma, and Wan-Yin Wu. Glenn Stevens and Marjory Baruch are the two non-alum Trustees.

Alums very much want the program to remain affordable to families as well as to low-income students. The amount families are asked to pay for their children to attend the program is only about half the actual per-student cost to PROMYS. 

Alumni know and relish the fact that mathematically, pedagogically, socially, and financially they are central to PROMYS and to the future of PROMYS.

Alums are welcome to join the main PROMYS Facebook group and the PROMYSonians group on LinkedIn.   
Alums are also urged to fill out an Alum Update and/or an Alum Questionnaire About the Impact of PROMYS.
To learn about our alumni, check out About Our Alumni.