Corporate / Fund Donors

In the beginning years of PROMYS, we struggled to keep things afloat. Thankfully, we received support from the National Science Foundation's Young Scholar Program and PROMYS began to grow and develop beyond our dreams. Since the demise of the NSF Young Scholar program, we have continued to do our own fundraising and are fortunate to have so many faithful alumni, partners, and sponsors. To truly ensure that PROMYS will be here in the future to provide deep mathematics to the young scientists of the future, we need to begin developing and building an endowment fund. Your gift is important to us.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts may be used to support operating costs for the high school student program or the teacher's program. Donors may specify which program they would like to support.

PROMYS financial aid goes toward:

  • Scholarships for high school students (may include: tuition and room & board; and books and travel if necessary),
  • Support for counselors (stipends and room & board)

PROMYS for Teacher participant support goes toward:

  • Supporting in-service teachers and providing a summer stipend,
  • Paying for their university courses during the summer (two courses for 8 credits per teacher)

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many alumni may choose to give a gift to PROMYS and ask their employer to match it. This is a great way to help PROMYS. Please contact your Human Resource Department to find out if your employer has a matching gift program. Sometimes that is what makes the difference in being able to fund one extra student.

Private and Corporate Funders

In cooperation with the Boston University Development Office, we can work with you to accommodate the contribution of your preference. This includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or publicly traded securities. Many donors prefer to contribute appreciated securities in order to take advantage of the federal income tax deduction. A tax accountant can give the best advice on the options that are best for you.

Create a Fund

Perhaps you are a mathematician and you would like to create a fund in honor, or in memory of one of your professors. You may create a fund in their name! This is a great opportunity to make an everlasting contribution and to create a legacy. You may be a parent of a student who benefited from PROMYS, an alumnus, or an educator. We will work together with the BU Development Office to create the fund of your choice for the purpose of your choice.

Endowment Fund

Building PROMYS for the future. please contact us to discuss the many gift opportunities and ways to give (ranging from retirement, pension, and IRS funds to life insurance) that might be considered. Together with the BU Development Office we will develop a gift-giving program for you.

For more information, you may reach Demi Dubois at (617) 358-2388 or by email.