2017 Program Details

PROMYS for Teachers (PfT) is designed for middle and high school teachers of mathematics, whether experienced or pre-service. Participants earn graduate credit and a stipend. For most teachers, the program is non-residential. Returning teachers take on advanced projects and seminars.


The 2017 summer program will run July 3 – August 11, 2017. In addition, there will be five workshops held from September 2017 through April 2018.

Components of the PfT Program

PROMYS for Teachers consists of two major summer components and a school-year component.

Content-based Professional Development

  1. In the first summer, new PROMYS teachers come to Boston University for an intensive six-week experience of exploring deep mathematical ideas, focused primarily on number theory;
  2. In the second summer, they have the option to return to PROMYS for an additional summer of advanced mathematical investigation.

During the two summer components, teachers engage in intensive problem-solving activities with the other teacher participants. These problem-solving activities will run parallel to, but separate from, the PROMYS program for high school students.

Academic Year Workshops

During the school year, PROMYS teachers are invited to attend five full-day workshops offered jointly by Education Development Center (EDC) in Waltham and Boston University's Department of Mathematics. These seminars are designed to help teachers "unpack" the pedagogical approaches used in PROMYS to enrich the mathematical experience in their own classrooms. Another important goal of the workshops is to establish an ongoing network of teachers, mathematics educators, and research mathematicians. Typical agenda items include:

  • Teacher volunteers share experiences, activities, and student work from their classrooms.
  • The whole group works together on mathematics inspired by topics in the secondary curriculum.
  • Teachers collaboratively plan lessons, working in the style of Japanese Lesson Study groups.

Graduate Credits

Teacher participants will receive 8 graduate credits in mathematics from Boston University for their participation in the summer component of 2017. An additional 6 graduate credits (4 in mathematics education and 2 in math) will be awarded for the summer of 2018. Assessment for the first-year participants in the summer program is based on participants' work on the daily problem sets and on the results of a midterm exam and a final exam.


The 2017 Application for first-year PROMYS for Teachers participants may be found here. Most admissions decisions will be made on a rolling basis until
June 1, 2017. Returning teachers will be sent an invitation to re-apply.

Requesting a Transcript

For past PfT participants:

To request a transcript online, visit the BU Student Link. Click on Academics and then on Transcript Preview and Ordering. Type in your BU login name and Kerberos password. Click on Order a Transcript on the top right.

To request a transcript by mail, visit the Registrar Transcript Information page and follow the instructions.

Teacher Demographic

Most PfT participants teach in Massachusetts schools. However, we also invite teachers from out-of-state and from other countries. Recently, teachers from Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Senegal have participated in the program. Since PfT is a commuter program, out-of-state (and Western Mass.) teachers are responsible for their own living arrangements. One option is to apply for summer residency in a graduate dormitory. Information may be found at BU Housing.

In addition, pre-service teachers from the BU School of Education have been participating in PROMYS each year since 1991. Any graduate student who registers for PROMYS courses CAS MA 547 and CAS MA 548 must first receive a stamped approval from the Instructor, Professor Glenn Stevens.

Accompanying Student

Each teacher participant is invited to recommend a high school student to attend the PROMYS program. That student must be admitted to PROMYS through the usual admissions process for high school students. Students are admitted only for the summer of 2017. However, it is possible that students will be invited to return for a second summer to engage in advanced PROMYS activities.