Tara and Jasubhai Mehta Fellowships in Mathematics

2017 Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS for Students in India

2016 Mehta Fellows
Mehta Fellows at PROMYS 2016 (Back, left to right) Professor Steve Rosenberg, Arya Vadnere, Shubham Aggarwal, Professor Glenn Stevens, (Front, left to right) Adit Vishnu Pathirissery Manoj, Soumen Ghosh, Sabir Shaik,and Neelima Borade

Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS Expanded for 2017

Fellowship applications are no longer being accepted for 2017. The application deadline was April 1.  Details of the Fellowships below. 

The Tara and Jasubhai Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS are for mathematically talented students in India who would be financially unable to attend PROMYS without a scholarship and travel assistance. Please see the eligibility requirements and Mehta Fellowship notes below. 2017 will be the third year of the Mehta Fellowships and the 29th year of PROMYS.

Each Mehta Fellowship covers all costs for tuition, housing, and meals for the six weeks of PROMYS at Boston University, in the U.S. The Fellowships also cover roundtrip travel from India, visa application fees, and the cost of any required books.  

PROMYS 2017 will run from July 2 - August 12, 2017

Mehta Fellowship Sponsors: The participation of the Mehta Fellows is fully funded thanks to the generosity and vision of Nick Nash, Phalgun Raju, the Indira Foundation and Morph.org.

The Mehta Fellowships were created by Nick Nash and Phalgun Raju in 2015 as part of the Ramanujan Project which they lead and which is funded by Morph.org which they co-founded and by The Indira Foundation. Morph.org was established "to remove barriers in some of the world's biggest challenges and shine a light on areas that are not getting attention from the traditional not-for profit sector." The Ramanujan Project is a scholarship program for exceptionally talented young mathematicians in India.

Please click HERE for the 2017 Mehta Fellowship flyer.

Please email PROMYS if you have any questions about the Mehta Fellowships.

Mehta Fellowship Eligibility Requirements

1) Indian citizen between 15 and 19 years of age (inclusive) at the start of PROMYS.
2) Pre-university student attending school in India (including secondary school, high school, 6th form college, and homeschooled students);
3) Financially unable to take advantage of an opportunity such as PROMYS without a full scholarship and assistance with travel expenses;
4) Exceptionally talented in mathematics and interested in working hard to solve challenging mathematical problems;
5) Proficient in English: Able to participate fully in mathematical discussions held entirely in English;
6) Accepted to PROMYS through the Tara and Jasubhai Mehta Fellowship application process.

Mehta Fellowship Application Process:

There are 6 required elements to the Fellowship application, all of which should be submitted online. 

1)  Online Mehta Fellowship Application

2)  Application Problem Set Solutions

3) School Transcript or Grade Report

4) Online Letter of Recommendation Form HERE to be completed by the applicant's mathematics teacher or mathematics coach. 

5) Online Mehta Fellowship Financial Form HERE to be completed by the applicant’s parent or guardian;

6) Proof of Income - to be uploaded with the financial form.

Fellowship Finalists will be asked to participate in an interview, by telephone or Skype. 

Testimonials from Mehta Fellows

"PROMYS has given me a new perspective to Mathematics. The lectures taught me to chase simplicity and elegance instead of complexity. The problem sets pushed me to frontiers I had never explored or even knew existed. They also showed me how mathematics was an empirical science with lots of conjectures to be made from numerical observations. The amount of mathematics I saw at PROMYS amazed me. The PROMYS community was always supportive and a place where anyone could find another with similar interests. Just as much as PROMYS has contributed to my Mathematical endeavors, it has also made a radical change in how I perceive life. PROMYS, without doubt has been one of the best six weeks of my life." Adit Vishnu Pathirissery Manoj, 2016 Mehta Fellow  

"PROMYS is the best mathematical experience of mine till now...PROMYS is a place to learn maths rather than compete...Mathematics is both beautiful and rigorous at a time - this may sound crazy, but anyone who attended PROMYS will agree with that. In PROMYS, the problem sets are designed in such a way that one would keep discovering theorems on their own, as the eminent mathematicians did in earlier centuries. That provides extreme pleasure to any math-lover kid. And during the course of 6 weeks, we almost become a family. We have lot of mathematical and non-mathematical fun together, and those make it the most exciting and rewarding summer in my life. Life just couldn't get any better than this :)" Soumen Ghosh, 2016 Mehta Fellow

"PROMYS was a refreshing take on learning mathematics that was so different from the routine competition maths that most people have done before. The program opened new doors for me. I feel lucky to be part of a community where everyone is so dedicated towards doing mathematics. It was great being surrounded by people as excited by the subject as I was. I am extremely grateful to all the sponsors for the excellent 6 weeks." Neelima Borade, 2016 Mehta Fellow

"Mathematical rigor is very crucial, but very few programs or courses actually emphasize its importance sufficiently. The importance of rigor was a key thing I learnt at PROMYS. Moreover I enjoyed the experience of making your own conjectures, working your own inventory of lemmas and proving them, and building number theory from bare bones to higher theorems. The structure of the program, in which you do the problem sets on your own to discover number theory is a very beneficial one... The opportunities for learning and research at PROMYS are endless, and foremost teach you how to learn things the right way - be it number theory or anything else. The PROMYS community is really great and co-operative. This experience is truly worth a summer and more!" Arya Vadnere, 2016 Mehta Fellow

“PROMYS has been the most mathematically intense experience of my life…Be it my roommate, my counsellor or any other person in general, it didn't feel like I was talking to people from different countries around the world. It felt like everyone there was just like me, a simple guy who loves math…  it’s the most fun I've ever had. I'm very grateful to Morph.org and the PROMYS Foundation for giving me this wonderful opportunity of exploring the beautiful subject that is mathematics." Shubham Aggarwal, 2015 Mehta Fellow and 2016 Returning Mehta Fellow. Shubham is now starting his undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge, England.

"I feel that I have benefited a lot from the program. As a second year student, I took advanced seminars like modular forms and also did the research lab. I got a first-hand experience on how deep mathematics should be studied here, as well as what it really means to do research. So I feel that the second year program of PROMYS is wonderful and as good as the first year program, if not better." Sabir Shaik, 2015 Mehta Fellow and 2016 Returning Fellow Junior Counselor. Sabir is now a 2nd year undergraduate at Chennai Mathematical Institute.

Please click HERE for bios of the 2016 and 2015 Mehta Fellows on the Morph.org site.

Click HERE for a Times of India article about Soumen Ghosh's 2016 Mehta Fellowship.

Click HERE to link to "A Wizard of Maths," a profile of 2015 Mehta Fellow Sabir Shaik and the Ramanujan Project published by the Deccan Chronicle on August 18, 2015.

Mehta Fellowship Notes

1)  PROMYS lectures, discussions, and problem sets are in English; participants should possess English language skills which are strong enough to enable full participation.
2)  For some students, school attendance dates will conflict with PROMYS participation dates. PROMYS is happy to assist students in explaining to their schools the academic advantages of participation in the program.
3)  The mathematical material that students tackle at PROMYS is very challenging, and participants are expected to enjoy working intensively in mathematics; but students do not need to have taken any advanced or accelerated mathematics courses to thrive at PROMYS.
4)  PROMYS is a co-educational program. Male and female students are supervised and supported by same gender counselors and sleep in gender-separated areas of Boston University campus housing. 
5)  Many domestic students at PROMYS receive full or partial need-based financial aid. Mehta Fellows receive full scholarships.
6)  Although the majority of PROMYS students and counselors are from the United States, there are always a number of international students and counselors as well.  Over the past 28 years, there have been students and counselors from at least 48 different countries - including India. 
7)  Mehta Fellows will be provided with bed linens and towels during the program. 
8)  Laptops are not needed at PROMYS. Students who wish to do so may use Boston University desktop computers at no charge.  
9)  PROMYS students eat their meals in a cafeteria at Boston University. Vegetarian options are always available.
10) As is explained on our For International Students page, students at PROMYS need a visitor's visa, not a student visa (F-1).

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Here is a video of the PROMYS program filmed during PROMYS 2013 and during the 25th Summer of PROMYS Celebration, July 5-7, 2013.


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